Board Duties

In 1954, the City of Henderson established a five-member Board, known as the “Water and Sewer Commission of the City of Henderson,” to have full and complete authority, supervision, management, and control of the municipal water works, sewer system, and stormwater management, including all rate and service policies, plan review, construction, and also the maintenance, operation, and extension of the works and systems.

The Water and Sewer Commission consists of five (5) persons who are qualified voters and City residents. The Mayor appoints them with the consent and approval of the City Commissioners and cannot be related within the fourth degree of consanguinity with the mayor or any City Commissioner at the time of their appointment. Commissioners are eligible for reappointment at the end of their terms and serve until a successor is appointed.

The Water and Sewer Commission recommends rates, fees, charges, and surcharges to the City Commission for approval. These rates and charges are those deemed necessary and appropriate to meet the projected revenue requirements necessary to maintain and operate the water, wastewater, and stormwater collection, treatment, and abatement systems in such a manner that complies with federal and state laws and regulations.

The Water and Sewer Commission appoints the General Manager to have the general responsibility for the overall operation of the Henderson Water Utility, including, without limitation, the financial and personnel management of the department, the operation of the combined waterworks and sewage system of the city, and such other duties and responsibilities as the Water and Sewer Commission may from time to time authorize and direct.

The General Manager serves at the direction of the Water and Sewer Commission and is not subject to the City’s Civil Service system.

Board Members

Paul Bird


Paul Bird
Board Member since June 2009




George Jones
Board Member since January 2004






Gary L. Jennings, D.M.D.
Board Member since June 2009





Steve Austin
Board Member since January 2023






Julie Wischer
Board Member since January 2011



Board Agenda / Minutes