Asset Management

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Henderson Water Utility uses a GIS-Based Asset Management System (AMS).

Our AMS includes the following features:

  1. Central configuration for all applications/modules and remote administration
  2. Wireless communication capability for field operations
  3. Work order scheduling and tracking
  4. Search capability on every significant data entry field
  5. User-created customized reports, charts and maps
  6. Employee/User information management: username, passwords, permissions, charges per hour
  7. Non-proprietary format for field names, types, tables, relationships, and other data design elements.
  8. Asset/Feature data model that is fully user-definable and customizable
  9. Asset/Feature data storage that is non-redundant with no reliance on views, links, data mapping, or database triggers
  10. Custom fields
  11. Work orders that are primarily asset based but an asset is not required to create a work order
  12. AMS software supports multiple asset-type group work orders
  13. AMS supports inspections – generation of work orders, schedules and reporting
  14. Work orders are automatically triggered by variables (mileage, hours, date, condition, etc.)
  15. Inventory management:  Storeroom with multiple locations, and ability to assign parts and their costs to work orders or service requests
  16. Reporting:  Product performs on-line real-time update and reporting; allows Ad hoc searching and reporting of all data fields; Condition assessment/Analytics; Project Costing/Tracking – budgeting, labor, materials, equipment utilization and planning