The HWU Engineering Department oversees operations of the GIS, 811 line locates, Automation, IT department, and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the distribution system hydraulic model.  This department also works with the local planning agencies, providing assistance to developers on new construction projects.


  • Assists with project plan review, for HWU projects and for local development
  • Assists with design assessment and feasibility
  • Communication with City/County planning and engineering departments on projects
  • Updates and maintains Distribution system hydraulic model via Innovyze InfoWater software
  • GIS system and mapping functions
  • Utility Locates


Projects for the Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) and other projects are documented with descriptions and photos.  Click  here or on the image below to read more about our ongoing projects.

Ongoing HWU Projects


HWU utilizes a computer model of our entire water distribution system served by our North Water Treatment Plant.  The model provides analysis information on various aspects of our system.  The results can be shown as both graphs and tables (spreadsheets).  Click here  or on the image below to read more about our modeling capabilities.

Water Model Graph

Technical Standards

Technical manuals for Potable Water Facilities, Sanitary Sewer Facilities, and Stormwater Regulations are published in the Governance > Technical Standards section of this website.

Strategic Plan

The goal of HWU’s Strategic Plan is to develop a cost-effective and environmentally sound strategy for improving the water, wastewater, and stormwater systems in the City of Henderson to accommodate existing needs and projected growth to the year 2025.

Our Strategic Plan is published in the Governance > HWU Strategic Plan section of this website.

Kentucky 811

Planning a home improvement job or about to start any other project that involves digging underground?  Here’s what to do first!  Call 811.
See additional information on our Kentucky 811 page.


HWU has made a large investment incorporating our collection/distribution system information into the City/County GIS.  The information contained in that system is updated as new lines are installed and old lines are located by GPS.  The information shown is imperfect but is the best we have available at present.  While we do not guarantee the information shown, we have made it available on the City/County web portal.

GIS information is not a substitute for 811 location, nor should it be used for the design of facilities.  It is presented as what it is: the best information available in a readily usable format.  See the disclaimer, here.

For more information…

  • On Information Systems and Technology
    Contact Tim Fischbeck, Information Systems Manager
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  • On Automation
    Contact the Automation Department
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  • On HWU GIS (Geographic Information System)
    Contact Kevin Sturgill, GIS Manager
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  • On Development, Technical Standards, and Capital Projects
    Contact Ken Ferry, HWU Chief Engineer
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