North Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

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This project is the last Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) project in the pipeline, and is currently under construction.  The project increases the peak capacity of the plant from 15 million to 25.5 million gallons per day.  This will allow the North Fork pump station and the Janalee Drive pump station to send more flow to the plant, reducing the volume of combined sewer discharges to the Ohio River and Canoe Creek.  The NWWTP project includes a new headworks structure, replacing the dilapidated and deteriorating existing screening systems.

The project also includes an ultraviolet disinfection system that will reduce chemical usage and the lingering after-effects of residual chlorine discharged to the Ohio River.  The ultraviolet disinfection process uses lamps that discharge a specific, short wavelength of light that has been shown to be effective at killing most microorganisms, including viruses and pathogens.  At a wavelength of 254 nm, UV breaks the molecular bonds within the microorganism’s DNA.

During this construction project, keeping the plant operating within its required permit standards is a constant challenge.

As of the biginning of May 2015, the construction contract is about 65 % complete by dollar amount, which includes some large pieces of equipment that have been delivered but are not installed.

The anticipated completion date of the North Wastewater Treatment Plant Project is the end of April 2016.

Laying 60″ raw water influent piping
Forms for Central Pumping Station
Clarifier, looking west
Stairs climbing the Headworks
Channels and Gates, top of Headworks
Interior of Grit Chamber
Main Influent Gate, Headworks
110′ diameter Clarifier, ready for last pour
Central Pump Station and Clarifier
“Culverts” in the UV channel that control the rate of flow across the bulbs


Pouring concrete over rebar on the clarifier floor

Clarifier wall forms with rebar
“Rod-busters” tying steel reinforcement on clarifier floor
Another portion of the clarifier trough, ready for concrete placement
Interesting photo of rebar


Miscellaneous structures and piping

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