South Main Street and Sand Lane Water Main Project (2023)

The Henderson Water Utility (HWU) is starting a project to lay a new water main on South Main Street and Sand Lane in the southern parts of the City of Henderson.  This is part of a larger project to boost water pressure and flow in southern sections of the City.

The project will start on S. Main near the Chapelwood Apartments / Yeaman Avenue, and stretch north to Sand Lane.  At this point, it will turn east onto Sand Lane and continue to the Madison Street/Commonwealth Drive intersection.  Where the project crosses South Green Street (US 41A/US 60), a bore under the pavement will be performed so that S. Green can remain open.  Several other bores will be made under Sand Lane, in order to keep that street open to traffic throughout the project.

HWU’s contractor, Cumberland Pipeline, will lay a 20-inch water main along South Main Street, generally on the riverward side of the existing pavement.   On most of Sand Lane, the new main will be located on easements outside of the pavement.  Traffic on South Main St. will be intermittently restricted to local traffic only.   HWU will attempt to maintain access to driveways and private property to the maximum extent possible, but there may be times during workdays when traffic is restricted.   We ask for the public’s patience during this construction.  The contractor plans to work 3 to 4 days per week, with no work from Friday thru Sunday, in normal weeks.

If you have questions about this project, please call HWU at the main office number, 270.826.2421.