The System Operations Center (SOC) of the Henderson Water Utility provides the following services to our customers:

Administrative Services (SOC Office Staff – Phone 270-826-2824)

    • Receive payments for water and sewer taps
    • Receive requests for temporary hydrant meter usage
    • Dispatch field crews for customer calls
    • Answer customer questions regarding water, sewer or stormwater issues
    • Direct customers to other Henderson City Departments as needed

Water Services (Field Crews)

    • Install new water taps
    • Detect and repair water leaks on City side of connection
    • Diagnose and repair problems with meters, lids or meter boxes
    • Test for water quality issues
    • Locate existing water meters
    • Raise/Lower water meters
    • Investigate the cause of high water consumption
    • Check the water supply for low pressure issues

Sewer Services (Field Crews)

    • Install new sewer taps
    • Locate existing sewer taps
    • Inspect sewer clean outs for blockages
    • Respond to sewer overflows for system repair and clean up
    • Respond to sewer backups to determine the cause
    • Determine the source of sewer odor by smoke testing or other means

Stormwater Services (Field Crews)

    • Respond to stormwater flooding in streets or at residences
    • Prioritize neighborhood stormwater problems and mitigate as finances allow
    • Install/replace driveway culverts (Labor ONLY)

Henderson Water Utility has developed policies and procedures to help standardize the way we do business.  We want to be fair and consistent with all of our customers.

Policies that address our services are available on our HWU Policy and Procedure Manual page.