Fallen Leaves Can Lead to Flooded Streets

Fall is here and with it brings all the things we love about the change of seasons including the return of the pumpkin spice latte (yes please!), crisp autumn hikes, spooky pumpkin carving, and enjoying the changing colorful landscape of the Midwest as the leaves provide a beautiful show of red, purple, yellow, and orange. As those leaves begin to fall, paired with an increase in stormy wet weather, they can become a combination that leads to clogged storm drains causing water to back up and flood neighborhood streets and sidewalks. 

What Can You Do to Help Reduce Flooding in Your Neighborhood?

Rake Your Leaves

You can help prevent clogged storm drains by raking fallen leaves in your yard, sidewalk, or parking strip. Make it a fun neighborhood challenge to see who can rake the biggest pile!
Once gathered up, leaves can be used as a great source of free mulch for your garden which will decompose over time while improving your soil’s organic content, or you rake them to the curb for the City of Henderson’s leaf pick-up.

Help Keep Storm Drains Clear

Another way you can help reduce flooding in your neighborhood is by safely clearing leaves and other debris from storm drains. Using a rake and dustpan or a shovel (not your hands!), make sure to work from the sidewalk instead of standing in the street. Once collected, these leaves can also be placed on the curb for the City of Henderson’s leaf pickup.

Stay Safe During Wet Weather

Lastly, as the weather changes, please remember to stay safe! If you see flooding or sewer backups, report it by calling Henderson Water Utility at (270) 826-2824. When you call, provide your name, address, contact information, the address of issue, and general information about the issue. If you come across a clogged storm drain that can’t be cleared or is unsafe to clear, let us know!

We hope you find this information helpful and that you have a fun-filled fall. Thanks for raking your leaves and reducing flooding across the City of Henderson!