HWU Strategic Plan (April 2020)

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(15 April 2020)


This represents the seventh edition of a Capital Improvement and Strategic Plan first adopted in June 2014. Our objective has been to develop a cost effective and environmentally sound Capital Improvement Program for the water, wastewater, and stormwater systems in the City of Henderson to accommodate existing needs and projected growth over a rolling 10-year-plus time frame that was chosen to give longer-term guidance to our efforts. We realize that planning beyond 2 to 5 years is of marginal value, as conditions change over time. We update this plan annually, prior to the budgeting process, to lay out a logical sequence of work that fits the resources available.

The principal short-term goal for implementation of this plan in the beginning was to finish the final Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) project, the North WWTP Headworks. With that project completed in 2016, we negotiated termination of our Consent Judgment and moved on with our obligations for post-construction monitoring and meeting the requirements of our soon-to be-issued discharge permit for the North wastewater system.

After completing the LTCP, our primary projects have been continued renovation of our water storage facilities and water and wastewater treatment plants, where needed expenditures for maintenance and upgrades were delayed by work on the LTCP projects. To date, four of our nine water storage tanks have been painted and rehabilitated, with a fifth tank project in the planning stage.

This plan lays the groundwork for increasing our capacity to serve growth areas, together with an attempt to maintain the systems and facilities we currently have, balancing risk with the money we have available.

New to the document in 2020, we’ve arranged the project listings under each major facet of our business as “Recent” and “Proposed” projects, to help others understand what we’ve accomplished, and to more clearly show the direction of the Utility’s Capital Plan, near term.

Addition of a large project to construct our own Raw Water Intake at the South Water Treatment Plant, which is at a very preliminary stage, has skewed the total Capital Improvement Plan numbers contained herein much higher in 2021 and 2022. We believe at this time that at least a portion of the funding for that project will be from bonding, reserves, and grant funds, so that the annual amount spent from our “normal” Capital Budget will remain in our planned range of $ 3.5 to 4.0 million.

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