HWU Strategic Plan (May 2015)

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(May 2015)


This document is an annual update of a Strategic Plan first adopted in June 2014.  Our objective is to develop a cost effective and environmentally sound strategy for improving the water, wastewater, and stormwater systems in the City of Henderson to accommodate existing needs and projected growth to the year 2025.  The 10-year time frame was chosen to give some guidance to our efforts, with the realization that planning beyond about 5 years approaches a pipe dream, pun intended.  We are updating this plan annually, prior to the budgeting process, in order to lay out a logical sequence of work that fits with the resources available.

To arrive at a plan, we here attempt to evaluate existing Henderson Water Utility (HWU) water and wastewater treatment facilities, along with our stormwater assets, to assess their physical condition, capacity, and improvement needs, and to use these assessments to schedule capital projects within budgetary constraints.

As a principal short-term goal of the implementation of this plan, we will finish the final LTCP project, negotiate termination of the Consent Judgment, and move on with our obligations for post-construction monitoring, CSO abatement, and meeting the requirements of the alphabet soup of current and proposed regulatory regimes in water and wastewater.

Beyond that, and primary in our work plan for the next few years, is a complete renovation of our water storage facilities and water treatment plants, where needed expenditures for maintenance and upgrades have been delayed by our work on the LTCP projects.

A further emphasis of this effort will be to build computer models of our systems that we can maintain internally, utilizing software that takes advantage of HWU’s investment in GIS, and use those models to evaluate projects and review capacity, maintenance and improvement needs.

Recommended capital improvements in this plan are those required to provide safe, adequate and dependable treatment, distribution and collection systems to existing and future  customers, taking into consideration population trends, changes in water use, regulatory requirements, and the ability of HWU’s customers to bear the costs of proposed improvements.  That’s our goal.  This plan lays the groundwork for increasing our capacity to serve growth areas, balanced with an attempt to maintain the systems and facilities we currently have, balancing risk with the money we have available.  A long list of “wish we could” projects doesn’t do much good, if the money’s not there to build them, and a list that doesn’t attempt to assess risk doesn’t help with reliability of our systems.

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