HWU Strategic Plan (June 2014)

NOTE: This is an ARCHIVE version of the HWU Strategic Plan.
This version has been superseded with a NEWER version.

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(June 2014)


The goal of this Strategic Plan is to develop a cost effective and environmentally sound strategy for improving the water, wastewater, and stormwater systems in the City of Henderson to accommodate existing needs and projected growth to the year 2025.  Henderson County faces the potential for significant future growth with the construction of Interstate 69, connecting our region to the upper Midwest and Canada, and to the American Southwest and Mexico.  Planning for that growth should start now.

Specific objectives of the Strategic Plan include:

  • Review and evaluate existing Henderson Water Utility (HWU) water and wastewater treatment facilities to assess their current physical condition, capacities, and improvement needs;
  • Finish the final LTCP project, negotiate termination of the Consent Judgment, and move on with our obligations for post-construction monitoring, CSO abatement, and meeting the requirements of the alphabet soup of current and proposed regulatory regimes in water and wastewater (KPDES, SSOP, CMOM, CSOOP, DBPs, ad infinitum).
  • Build computer models of our systems that we can maintain internally, utilizing software that takes advantage of HWU’s investment in GIS, and use those models to evaluate projects and review capacity, maintenance and improvement needs.
  • Update HWU’s capital improvement program (CIP) to include projected system enhancements, and to plan and schedule future maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

Recommended capital improvements in this plan are those required to provide safe, adequate and dependable treatment, distribution and collection systems to existing and future customers, taking into consideration population trends, changes in water use, regulatory requirements, and the ability of HWU’s customers to bear the costs of proposed improvements.  This plan does very little to increase our capacity to serve growth areas; it does reflect an attempt to maintain the systems and facilities we currently have.

As with any planning past two or three years, the further out the time horizon, the less likely the plan will resemble future conditions.  This plan should be updated and revised at least annually, to account for changed conditions and developments.  Recent experience shows that one small malfunction can turn a lot of planning on its head.

To continue reading, click here for the complete HWU Strategic Plan, in PDF format.